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Water Yummy Mama, a New Healthy Drink by Sugar Yummy Mama

Giselle Pinto, the baketress behind Sugar Yummy Mama, still has some of the sweetest cupcakes and cake pops in Miami. Recently, however, the owner of the pink bakery van and Wynwood bakery has been challenged to start a new endeavor by Nacho Cano of Bikram Brickell yoga studio.

Pinto, who attends classes at the studio, explains that she needed to find a way to hydrate during and after the intense workouts but wasn't satisfied with any of the traditional drinks. "Most people drink coconut water because of its electrolytes, but I don't like the taste. And I didn't like the idea of  having a sports drink filled with artificial ingredients after exercising. 

The musician turned yoga instructor challenged Pinto to use her culinary skills to create a line of healthy waters. But making the water proved to be a lot more complicated than simply flavoring water with various fruits. "I researched various herbs and fruits to make these drinks actually benefit the body. And I learned a lot."

Pinto, a native Venezuelan, says that growing up, people relied on teas and infused waters to remedy everything from an upset stomach to headaches. With some investigating, she learned that a lot of these drinks had beneficial properties and ingredients like good enzymes, potassium, and antioxidants.

After much research and testing, Pinto has launched a series of four new drinks, each with its own benefit. Pinto decided to call the line Water Yummy Mama, a take on the name of her baked goods. The waters all contain electrolytes and natural revitalizing properties, like cayenne pepper for a natural pick-me-up. They are sweetened with a touch of agave or maple syrup. None contain any artificial flavors or sugars.

I tried the Sweet & Glow, a refreshing mix of cucumber, lemon, mint, and ginger. It was crisp and bright, and perfect for after a workout session or just to bring to the beach. I also sampled the Nacho Macho, which is a more intense blend of pineapple, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, praline-infused maple syrup, and ginger. With a fragrant fruity aroma, this drink changed with every sip. First the pineapple was present, then the nutty sweetness of the pralines, finally the kick of the cayenne. It would be good for both a caffeine-free pick-me-up or even a hangover cure after a long night of partying. And, of course, there's always the intended apres-yoga usage.

Ever Green, a mix of green apples, mint, and ginger; and Passion Action, with passion fruit, round out the collection. 

Each water costs $6.98 and is available at Sugar Yummy Mama food truck and Wynwood bakery,  Bikram Brickell studio (809 SW 1st Ave.), and at 360 Energy in Motion  in Brickell (53 S.W. 11th St.). Of course, going to the bakery can also lead to taking home some cake pops. Which is truly living a balanced lifestyle.

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