Watch Action Bronson's Fuck, That's Delicious (Video)

You probably don't want to watch the first episode of Fuck, That's Delicious in earshot of your crotchety old boss, your grandma, or young children.

That's because Vice's new monthly series is appropriately named. In other words, host Action Bronson says "fuck" a lot.

The Flushing, Queens-born rapper, whose real name is Arian Asllani, is a trained chef who, after attending the Art Institute of New York's culinary program, worked various kitchen jobs in New York before embarking on a career in rap. The chef-turned-musician, who frequently raps about food, should really be an interesting guide on a culinary journey. Instead, he comes across as a guy who just really loves his food... no matter what it is.

In this 10-minute video, Bronson, straight from a world tour with Eminem, takes us to Roberta's a pizza shop in Brooklyn. He tucks into a bowl of pasta, noting some citrus flavors before dousing it with red pepper flakes and oil, saying "Chefs hate when you fuck with their food. I don't give a fuck."

For dessert, Bronson takes us to Eddie's Sweet Shop in Queens, a place he's been coming to since he was a kid. Bronson says that although "there's white in my beard and I'm getting wrinkles on my nuts (they're not smooth anymore), I can come here to feel like a child."

Note to Mr. Bronson: You have ruined chopped nuts as an ice cream sundae topping for all eternity. Raisins are also out as a snack forevermore.

As he digs into a giant banana split, we hear the money line. "Fuck, that's delicious," Bronson swoons.

As the rapper notes that even though he's been around the world, he can't wait to get back to Queens, he's stopped in the street by a group of fans. Posing for pictures, you see Action Bronson's guard down. He's sweet and goofy and sincere when posing for the camera.

I'm looking forward to more of those moments -- and to Bronson showing his culinary acumen as he takes us on an eating journey to South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and across the United States in future episodes. After all, "fuck" is a word that's pretty much universal.

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