Top Chef Fabio Viviani Shows Us How To Make Pasta (Video)

Top Chef heartthrob Fabio Viviani doesn't know why anyone on the planet would possibly buy pasta.

In a recent cooking demo at Casa Tua, sponsored by Bertolli Olive Oil, the sexy Italian chef asked a group of mostly female food writers and bloggers who makes their own pasta from scratch.

When not a soul raised their hand, the chef was confused. "But it's so easy", he trilled in his thick accent.

"Can you get some eggs? Can you break them?" he asked the crowd. Yes, we agreed. We could get our hands on some eggs.

"Can you get some flour? Do you have a food processor?" Yup. We're all good with that one, too.

"Then you can make the pasta. Not like my grandmother, either, who had flour all over her kitchen. Not messy. Easy."

Viviani then breezed through the simplest, most entertaining pasta-making demo ever. With just a food processor, a pasta machine ("Yes, you need one. It's about $29."), some eggs (one egg for each person), flour, salt, pepper, and olive oil, you've got fresh pasta in literally five minutes.

After Viviani showed us how, he told us that we were in the five percent of Americans who can now make fresh pasta. Learn for yourself, after the jump and join the five percent:

Fabio makes pasta dough from scratch without a mess. So easy, you can do it in your nightgown. We think Sophia Loren did that in a movie, once.

Here's Fabio showing you how to roll the dough through the machine (plus quick tips on cutting the pasta like an Italian):

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