Top 15 Geek Food Tributes to Star Wars, Trek, and Bacon

Nerds are we, and geeks, and dorks. Like normals, we take up the fork. We eat and drink as much as you, but make our foods a tribute too. From Trek, to Wars, to toons, and shrooms, to Potter, Lost, and Iphones too. Sit back and laugh at what we do, remember nerds are people too.

Here are our Top 15 geek tributes to nerd culture made with food.

15. Darth Vader Pizza - Life after college for the philosophy major consists mostly of making pizza art, then considering its ephemeral nature. Wipe that sauce off your chin fucko.

14. Lost Bento Box - Finally, something lamer than the show itself yet still more exciting to watch.

13. Iphone Cupcakes - Frosting pen OCD? There's a cupcake for that.

12. Star Wars Wedding Cake - A scene of Luke keeping warm in the guts of the repto-mammal TaunTaun on a cold and frigid planet. That's right cold AND frigid. Wife must be cool. Father in law hates you.

11. Vader Toast - Plain white toast? I find your lack of taste disturbing.

10. Nintendo Toast - Pass the jelly....need color for LCD.

9. Watermelon Deathstar - Fill this fucker with vodka, break it out at your next bbq, and prepare to annihilate your space time.

8. Mario Bros Mushroom - Because some people fill the void in their life by carving cartoon fungus out of radish.

7. Star Wars At At Made of Bacon - The last geek who tried to eat this keeled over in a park, died of a massive heart attack, and started sweating bacon.

6. Star Trek Waffles - Another homoerotic waffle moment courtesy of Kelloggs. "Please, captain...Not in front of the Klingons."

5. Harry Potter Bento Box - Pretty sure it would take at least a wizard to make that box of random shit taste good together. Nice try mom, still hate vegetables.

4. Cheese2D2 - Sure that giant block of cheese cost more than I make in a week and it'll be hogging up my fridge for the next year, but did you see the look on all three of their faces when they walked in my cubicle.

3. Stormtrooper Bento Box - All my life they called me fish face, so I joined a company that lets me wear a mask, and now...back to square 1.

2. Spongebob Sandwich - I only make enough money to fill this with cheap baloney. Such is life for the world's greatest sandwich artist.

1. Yoda Pizza - Cheesy am I. Olive me. Pass the fucking parmesan.

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