This Week's NT Review: Sang's Chinese Food

Every evening, thousands of local foodies head up to their respective rooftops and issue a plaintive wail that resounds and echoes forth into the dark and balmy Miami sky: God is great, but the same can't be said for our Chinese restaurants! Actually, most of these people are obnoxious New Yorkers. And it's not exactly thousands of them. Well, all right, it's just me, and I only did it a couple of times -- but that doesn't take away from the validity of the sentiment.

Granted, things have improved with upscale newcomers Hakkasan, Philippe, and Mr. Chow -- at least for those willing to pay for an egg roll what a working class person might consider shelling out for a new pair of Wranglers. But when it comes to the sort of affordable, family-style Cantonese restaurant that every neighborhood should have, precious few do. As such, most locals know that the go-to place for all things gastronomically Chinese requires a drive to 163rd Street in North Miami Beach -- and many concur that Sang's Chinese Food is the best on that strip.

For the rest of the review of Sang's, tune in here. Or why don't you just pick up the paper for a change?

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