The Setai and Per'La Specialty Roasters Create Coffee Blend for National Coffee Day

Freshly brewed coffee's sweet smell, rich aftertaste, and caffeine jolt invigorate drinkers to take on the day. But local java lovers know that Miami, compared to other cities and regions, isn't always the best place to snag a quality cup of joe. The Setai in Miami Beach wants to change that.

Just in time for National Coffee Day, the beachside hotel has teamed up with Miami-based coffee brand Per’La Specialty Roasters for the hotel's first exclusive Setai House Blend. It fuses beans from Indonesia, Central America, and South America. This marks the first time the hotel will source coffee from a local roaster. Per'La was named Best Coffee 2016 by New Times. 

"We wanted a blend that paired well with our menu offerings and tastes of our culinary team while tying in the Indonesian theme of the Setai," Christian Maeder, food and beverage director at the Setai, says. "After several rounds of tastings, we decided on this blend that met that criteria and also tasted great."
The coffee's hot version sports a mixture of flavors reminiscent of citrus, almond, and dark chocolate. Its cold-brew counterpart features a caramel, grape, and chocolate tang by combining beans from Guatemala and Brazil, which are extracted for more than 16 hours. The cold brew offers a lower acidity and higher caffeine content than the warm version. 

"We liked Per’La's story, freshness, taste, and quality," Maeder says, "and the ability to use beans from Sumatra to further immerse our guests in our Indonesian culture."

Find the blend at all food and beverage locations inside the Setai, including its signature restaurant Jaya and the hotel bar. The blend comes as an espresso-based drink, drip/American, decaf, and decaf espresso. For something refreshing, try it over crushed ice.

"The blend has great versatility," Maeder says. "It can be paired with pretty much any menu item on any of our menus."

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