The Salty Donut and Knaus Berry Farm's Sticky-Bun Doughnut Collab Returns January 17

Remember that warm cinnamon bun from Knaus Berry Farm that was stuffed inside fluffy 24-hour brioche dough from the Salty Donut? It's back.

Beginning January 17, visit the Salty Donut for its legendary sticky-bun doughnut. Drowned in a roasted-pecan-toffee-rum glaze and topped with a caramelized pecans, the cinnamon-roll/doughnut mashup will be available through January 29.

Now that the Salty Donut has moved to its permanent store and is phasing out its outdoor weekend pop-up, the exclusive treat will be offered for 12 days, giving you six more days than last year to get your hands on one. But similar to last year, all customers are still limited to one doughnut per person because only a handful will be made each day.

"It was so hard for us to produce a decent amount last year," Amanda Pizarro, cofounder of the Salty Donut, says. "We were only opened on the weekends, which limited us a lot."
For those who have never tried the shop's sticky-bun mashup, think of it as a cinnamon roll stuffed inside a doughnut, making it bigger, stickier, and richer than any other Salty Donut creation. It's nearly twice the size of a regular treat from the Salty Donut, which basically means it's colossal.

Each one is made by encasing a famous Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon roll inside a thick piece of 24-hour brioche dough. Then it's fried, baked, and garnished, all by hand.

"This year, we're making them in even smaller batches," Pizarro says. "They’ll literally be warm when you get them. We're planning on frying them every hour on the hour."

Priced at $6 apiece, these sweet rolls are expected to sell out fast. Pick a day Tuesday through Sunday (the shop is closed Monday) from January 16 through January 29, come hungry, and prepare to wait in line. But don't worry: It'll be more than worth it.

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