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The Five Greenest Restaurants in Miami for Earth Day

Eateries claiming to be "sustainable" and "eco-friendly" are a dime a dozen. Separating the posers from the honestly passionate can be tricky. At these local restaurants, earth-friendly initiatives aren’t just a PR strategy; their teams actually do care about their impact on the environment.

The origins, mission statements, and practices of these places are driven with purpose, but the fare remains classically satisfying and totally accessible.

This Earth Day, do more than recycle a can or plant a tree. Support a local business and the planet at the same time.
5. The Lunchbox
Aptly named for its role as a casual, quick-service lunch stop, the Lunchbox caters both to on-the-go locals and to the environment. All the disposable items are made from completely recycled and biodegradable materials, and the decor features furniture scavenged from nearby thrift stores. The seasonal menu is clean, simple, and veggie-driven. Grab a chop chop salad ($10) for the road,or settle into the Wynwood spot and sample an assortment of tapas dishes like the shrimp taquitos ($10) and green papaya slaw ($8).
4. Choices Café
While other restaurants have been swiftly hopping on the vegan and health-food bandwagon, Choices Café has been serving up wholesome, Earth-friendly cuisine since 2011. The all-vegan menu is now served in five locations, offering innovative options such as the Chicken Homie with vegan “chick’n” and cashew cheese ($14.56). For those who are new to the nonmeat scene, dishes like the kale Caesar ($10.97) are a good way to ease into vegan eating. Through their cuisine, Choices aims to promote plant-based diets and green practices. More than 95 percent of their ingredients are grown without pesticides, and the company hopes to embark on educational outreach projects in the near future.
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