The Burger King and Ronald McDonald Rap Battle for Better Pay: Watch Here (Video)

Yesterday afternoon, the Burger King and Ronald McDonald got together in a show of solidarity in an old-school rap battle against their employees.

Why would the clown and the king team up? Well, they've got a lot in common. They're both the faces of mega fast-food corporations. And they both pay their hourly workers sub-standard wages.

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But this might change if the employees have something to do with it. Yesterday, thousands of fast-food workers went on strike to ask for a $15-per-hour pay rate and the opportunity to unionize with the help of lowpayisnotok.org.

Miami Beach protesters hosted a rap battle by the Lincoln Road McDonald's in addition to the protest. About 50 spectators showed up, with local rappers, including David Perez, standing up against the clown and the king in a battle of words.

Who won? According to Muhammed Malik, one of the event coordinators, David beat the Goliaths of the fast-food industry. "Yesterday, David Perez beat the Goliath fast-food corporations in a rap battle, which I think foreshadows real worker victories down the road. Across the country, workers are rising up in Walmart megastores and fast-food restaurants, demanding a living wage and respect -- and they, just like David, will win."

Watch the epic battle here and find out more at lowpayisnotok.org:

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