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Five Miami Brewers to Watch at New Times' Brew at the Zoo

Infected Brewery founder and brewer Marc Gutierrez.
Infected Brewery founder and brewer Marc Gutierrez. Courtesy of Infected Brewery
For the eighth year, New Times will bring together local and national brewers for Brew at the Zoo this Saturday, May 6, at Zoo Miami. It'll be a chance to taste what's established and emerging in the craft beer industry.

On the list of 100-plus beers are dozens of established local breweries and some that are slated to open for production by this summer in Miami-Dade County. Then there are local breweries-to-be that don't have a location yet but nevertheless intend to open. If you're not a suds lover, there will also be food, games, live music, and camaraderie. But if it's malt, hops, and magic you desire, here's a list of five up-and-coming local breweries to check out at the Brew at the Zoo this Saturday.
1. Spanish Marie Brewing Company
Spanish Marie's Albert Cespedes is not only the co-owner of a soon-to-open brewery in West Kendall but also an advocate who helped persaude the county commission to change laws that made it easier to start not only breweries but also wineries and distilleries. Spanish Marie's brewhouse is located near the Tamiami Airport, at 14241 SW 120th St. It's a 2,500-square-foot-space with a 650-square-foot taproom. Cespedes hopes to have the brewery open before the end of the year. At Brew at the Zoo, Spanish Marie will pour King Charlie's Passion Fruite Hefe and Cash Cream Ale.
Silver Brewing Company via Facebook.
2. Silver Brewing Company
Although no announcement has yet been made regarding a location, Silver Brewing Company appears to be a Miami brewery in the making. So far, only a Florida business filing exists for the company. Its Facebook page reads, "Coming soon!" Silver Brewing Company, however, has been pouring at local festivals this year, including Sprung! and the Miami Beer Festival.
3. Bousa Brewing Company
Bousa Brewing Company is the creation of Juan Pablo Vergara and Enrique Garcia, who are nearly ready to open their 12,000-square-foot brewery at 7235 NE Fourth Ave. in Miami's Little River District. They've already begun distributing beers through Miami Eagle Brands. At first, Vergara and Garcia considered other parts of Florida, but then they discovered the Magic City was the perfect place to build a brewery. Their motto is "Simply good beers." This Saturday, Bousa will pour IPA and blonde ale.
click to enlarge Infected Brewery founder and brewer Marc Gutierrez. - COURTESY OF INFECTED BREWERY
Infected Brewery founder and brewer Marc Gutierrez.
Courtesy of Infected Brewery
4. Infected Brewery
Marc Gutierrez, Infected Brewery's founder and brewer, taught himself everything he knows about beer after months of extensive research, and now he's ready to make beer on a seven-barrel system. He hasn't announced a location, but at the Zoo, he'll pour special brews: the OG-Orange Ginger Pale Ale, Mustache Ride-Lemon Zest Saison, Red Devil Wheat IPA, El Coquito Stout, and Imperial Coffee Brown Ale. A $70 Brewmaster ticket gets you access to Infected Brewery's creations.
5. Unseen Creatures Brewing & Blending
Many in the craft beer world know Marco Leyte-Vidal as the Craft Commander, conducting interviews with brewers who make some of the most highly sought-after beers in the nation. But he's also trying to start his own operation, Unseen Creatures Brewing & Blending. Leyte-Vidal and his wife Vicky want to bring the first dedicated farmhouse-inspired wild-ale brewhouse to Miami.

New Times' Brew at the Zoo
7 to 11 p.m. Saturday, May 6, at Zoo Miami, at 12400 SW 152nd St., Miami; 305-251-0400; Tickets cost $40 to $70 via
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