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The Alibi: French Fries and Cupcakes

The Alibi is a low-key eatery located inside watering hole Lost Weekend on Española Way in South Beach. There are pool and foosball tables as well as a lively crowd of locals. Don't come here if you are trying to watch your figure. This place serves sandwiches, pizza, French fries, cupcakes, and other calorie-laden treats that are sure to induce food coma. To top it all off, there is a full bar.

Co-owner John Ross is especially proud of the French fries. He boasts they serve only crinkle-cut spuds that are never frozen. You can get a side order for $4.95. If you want to add one of six seasonings, you can do so for only $1, which is a dollar well spent.

John's favorite is ranch dust, but you can also get chipotle, Hawaiian sea salt, Cheez Whiz, garlic salt, or truffle oil. You should always try to go with the owner's suggestion, but you can never go wrong with truffle French fries.

The French fries were hot, crisp, and lived up to John's strong recommendation. If you want something with a light flavoring, the ranch dust version was tangy and delicious. Maybe you are looking for a unique twist that packs a little more punch. The earthy taste of the truffle fries had a strong flavor that will satisfy any late-night craving.

Want a sweet treat? John's girlfriend, Kristie, has mastered the art of cupcake baking. Cupcakes and beer might seem an odd pairing, but try telling that to the many Alibi regulars who line up for the strawberry shortcake sort. You can get one cupcake for $3 or two for $5. Buy two, because even though the cupcakes are too big to finish in one sitting, you will want to try more than one of the many flavors.

The Alibi (inside Lost Weekend)
218 Española Way, Miami Beach

-- Beth Swanson

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