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Taiyaki's Care Bears Cones Are Coming to Miami

Care Bears-inspired cones are coming to Miami.
Care Bears-inspired cones are coming to Miami.
Photo courtesy of Taiyaki
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Taiyaki, the place that creates the most iconic, adorable, and Instagrammable frozen treats, is set to make your childhood dreams come true with its new line of Care Bears products.

The three cones are a collaboration with the Care Bears franchise, according to Taiyaki cofounder Jimmy Chen, who says the adorable bears were a large part of his childhood. "I grew up with the Care Bears, so it's amazing to present such an iconic product." 

Chen says Care Bears worked to design the cone sleeves, and Taiyaki created a trio of cones representing the most beloved of the original ten characters: Love-a-Lot Bear, Funshine Bear, and Good Luck Bear. 

Chen says each cone come with a candy version of each bear's corresponding belly badge, and the flavor profiles were inspired by each bear's personality. "The taste and look are equal parts of the equation," Chen says, "Working with Care Bears was a window of opportunity to do both."

Love-a-Lot and Funshine cones
Love-a-Lot and Funshine cones
Photo courtesy of Taiyaki

Taiyaki's Love-a-Lot Bear features a red bean Taiyaki cone base with pink vanilla soft-serve, special Care Bears sprinkles, and pink fondant hearts ($8).

Funshine Bear includes a red bean Taiyaki cone base with yellow vegan pineapple soft-serve, Care Bears sprinkles, and a fondant sun ($8).

Good Luck Bear features a red bean Taiyaki cone base, green matcha soft-serve, Care Bears sprinkles, and a chocolate clover ($8).

Taiyaki's Care Bears collection will be available October 25 through January 1. During Miami Art Week, look for appearances by dancing Care Bears. Check Taiyaki's Instagram for time and dates. 

Lines for Taiyaki's ice cream have been notoriously long, so Chen suggests snagging a Care Bears cone weekdays. When you post these special treats on Instagram (and you will), tag @carebears and @taiyakinyc.

In the past, Taiyaki's fish-shaped cones and themed desserts that resemble unicorns, Christmas trees, and Easter bunnies have broken Instagram. Chen says his company is planning more adorableness to come, but wouldn't divulge what he's working on.

Taiyaki. 1-800-Lucky, 143 NW 23rd St., Miami; 305-768-9826; taiyakinyc.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.