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Sushi Siam at the Plaza on Brickell: The Countdown Goes On, and On, and On

What a tease.  Ever since Sushi Siam shuttered at its former home in the Four Ambassadors Hotel last year, Brickell has had a serious shortage of good quality, upscale casual Asian eats. 

So when the Coming Soon sign hiding on that open door first appeared at 951 Brickell Ave. earlier in the spring, residents have been taunted ever since.  This neighborhood real estate website posted on the topic, and a comment thread 135 entries long resulted. 

To make hunger pangs worse, the South Florida Japanese-Thai empire isn't making it easy when it comes to information procurement about an opening date.  Short of hiring a private eye to get to the bottom of this case, investigative efforts thus far have generated the following numbers game:

- One unanswered question
- Six calls to four of its seven restaurants
- Six different accounts of Brickell location opening status, most hinting at a target date in the end of June being behind schedule
- One in-the-know person in Aventura, mentioning a massive 400-seat space
- Two more unanswered questions
- Finally one office number
- The first name of owner,"Yut," who only speaks through office staff
- Six more unanswered questions
- Two Advil

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Jackie Sayet

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