Strip Mall Containing Beehive Juice Bar, 1909 Cafe Leased by CVS

If there's one thing Miami needs, it's another CVS, right? 'Cuz there aren't already drugstores on every single adjacent corner, side street and strip mall in the entire 305 area code. We need more. More prescription meds, more cheap shampoo, more cigarettes. More crap to consume. More customer service fails.

So in answer to that desperate need, the city's newest CVS is moving in at the 5700 block of Bird Rd. And if that location sounds familiar, it's because it's currently home to1909 Cafe, Beehive Juice Bar and several other small businesses who are being tossed out on their collective asses come January 2014.

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Did we mention that there's a Walgreens immediately across the street from this location, another CVS at 6780 Bird Road and an Allen's Drugs on the corner? How much prescription medicine does this city actually need?

Sadly, Beehive Juice Bar and 1909 Cafe, arguably two of the city's best, most underrated lunch spots, haven't found new homes. Not yet, anyway. Both are actively looking.

For those who've haven't enjoyed the remarkable creations at Beehive, it's an 11-stool lunch counter hidden in the back of a health food store. Call it Miami's original juice bar - owner Carlos Schichi has been whipping up green juices there for almost 23 years. Long before cleanses were a mainstream concept.

Schichi serves up his brilliantly healthy concoctions to a group of fiercely loyal regulars. Seitan, soy protein, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free - you name it, and he's got a delicious option, from sandwiches to empanadas to cakes. Understandably, he's not thrilled about the CVS situation.

"It happens often in this capitalist world, whoever gets the money gets to keep the property," Schichi says.

He is open to various options, including expanding into a full restaurant if the right investor comes along.

1909 Cafe and its myriad of sandwich selections are also looking to relocate, preferably in the same area, says employee Talia Capistrano. Unfortunately, she says the locations they've looked at so far have Subways on site - and those corporate sammy-makers apparently have contracts excluding another sandwich joint.

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"That's the number one priority right now - to try and find a spot in the area, and go from there," Capistrano says.

Some tenants in the mall have been there for 30 years, according to Schichi. In addition to Beehive and 1909 Cafe, there's a sewing store and a cake bakery, among others. The health food store attached to Beehive told us they were moving to another locale down the street.

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Official eviction date is the end of January 2014, according to Beehive and 1909. CVS clarified to Short Order that they have signed a lease for the property and plan to open a new store there in fall 2014.

Hopefully, the frequent regulars at both spots will follow the food to new locales - but relocation is always a risk, and finding the right real estate ain't easy. So, if you know of any available options, let these folks know.

This city can't afford to lose two amazing eateries. And all in the name of corporate America. Le sigh.

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