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Soi Asian Bistro Adds Asian Flair to Downtown Dining

Downtown dining just got a little hipper and healthier with Soi Asian Bistro. The latest venture from the folks who brought you Mr. Yum, Soi provides a soothing green sanctuary behind large glass doors that open into a long hallway-like dining area. But don't let the minimalist and seemingly small locale fool you. The unique and varied menu has already made this a go-to spot for urbanites stopping in for their sushi fix or picking up a noodle dish to go.

The menu reads like the Thai love child to Japanese-Peruvian parents. Expect to find some favorites from Mr. Yum's like their spicy and tangy Thai beef salad ($6.95) to new dishes like soi un pulpo ($12.95); thin slices of octopus bathed in a creamy black olive sauce with a touch of cilantro, making it surprisingly light. Another new addition that will keep diners coming back for more are the crispy noodles ($13.95), a heaping plate of fried yellow noodles, both tangy and spicy topped with sauteed shrimp.

Crispy Noodles
Sushi rolls include the Miami Heat ($12.95), a spicy tuna roll with some tempura crunch for texture that is a tribute to the team playing a few blocks away.  New additions are the Soi Inca roll ($13.95); an inside out seafood ceviche roll with cilantro in the rice and the downtown roll ($9.95); a fried white fish combined with avocado cucumber offering great texture and flavor combinations.

Soi un pulpo
Miami Heat Roll
Whatever Asian fare you crave, Soi offers lots of flavors at prices that won't break the bank.

Soi Asian Bistro
134 NE Second Ave., Miami

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Christina Staalstrom