Rubio’s Brownies Delivers Warm, Freshly Baked Brownies to Your Door

Rubio’s Brownies Delivers Warm, Freshly Baked Brownies to Your Door
Courtesy Rubio's Brownies
A new late-night service is whipping up brownies (no, not that kind) and delivering them to local college students around the Florida International University and University of Miami campuses.

Founded by brothers Alfredo and Gaston Rubio, who are FIU alums, Rubio’s Brownies debuted at the beginning of August to fill the brownie void in the Miami market. Think of it as the Night Owl Cookie Co. of brownies.

“All of our brownies are fresh, made from scratch, no box or anything,” Alfredo Rubio says. “We sift, we mix, we do everything.”

From 8 p.m to 2 a.m. nightly, the brothers deliver warm brownies to anyone within a ten-mile radius of FIU’s campus for a flat rate of $4 plus the cost of the treats.

If you’re 11 miles out, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. The brothers emphasize that customer service comes first and that the delivery area is designed to be flexible.

“If someone calls me earlier on a Saturday or Saturday and I’m free at the moment, I’ll do it. You just have to wait a little bit so I can bake them,” Alfredo says.
click to enlarge Brothers Alfredo and Gaston Rubio have launched Miami's first late-night brownie delivery service. - COURTESY RUBIO'S BROWNIES
Brothers Alfredo and Gaston Rubio have launched Miami's first late-night brownie delivery service.
Courtesy Rubio's Brownies
The siblings work in different industries — Alfredo attends law school, while Gaston is a teacher who’s transitioning to the fire department — but they’ve always wanted to go into business together. Because Alfredo has always baked at home for fun, he came up with the idea to get into the brownie biz.

With plenty of cupcake stores in town, a plethora of new doughnut shops, and cookie delivery already offered in Miami, brownies seemed a niche that still needed to be filled.

“I love brownies. There's really no place out there that I've been able to find that specializes in brownies — at least not as its main source of income,” Alfredo says. 

Through trial and error, the Rubios spent a few months developing recipes until they figured out what worked best. (They admit some ideas turned out to be a definite no-go.)
Courtesy Rubio's Brownies

Rubio’s offers six varieties: traditional dark chocolate, milk chocolate fudge, white chocolate (which, they note, are not blondies), chocolate Oreo, white chocolate Oreo, and walnut. Limited-edition M&M brownies are also available.

“We plan on doing brownies based on Miami flavors, like a guava brownie or a dulce de leche brownie,” Alfredo adds.

A single brownie runs $3.25 to $4, with a minimum of four brownies required per order.

Rubio’s Brownies. 305-467-1772 or 305-588-6473; Place orders via website, text by phone, or email [email protected]. Delivery from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week (last delivery call taken at 1:30 a.m.). Delivery fee is $4 with a minimum four-brownie order.
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