Post NYE Detox For Alcoholics, Sinless Cocktail Mixers

There're roughly 100 calories in a glass of champagne, but it's the carbs that kill because, basically, champagne is just like drinking sugar. Let's say each of us consumed at least the equivalent of a bottle this past holiday weekend, so perhaps a post New Year's Eve detox is in order? Poor dieters faced with the difficult conundrum of whether or not to give up alcohol entirely have new hope. Although cleaning the bloodstream of all booze may be ultimate proof of dedication to a weight loss program, your friends like you better without the cranky.

Eventually someone had to notice how well Bethenny Frankel did with those Skinnygirl Margaritas, thus the launch of Sinless mixers made with stevia. For only five calories per serving, boozers can mix up an easy cocktail without the guilt.

They come in three varieties, both regular and strawberry margaritas, and a sweet-and-sour mix. Sinless says that they are "all natural," so how does a diet drink made for booze hounds actually taste?

The margaritas are really good. Both the regular and strawberry mixers taste sort of like Diet Snapple, you can tell it's sweetened with something diet-esque, but it's tasty and totally drinkable. The sweet-and-sour mix is a different story. If powdered Tang met tart, it would be this stuff. Unless you truly have a long rooted love of whiskey sours and simply cannot live without them, we'd recommend sticking with the margaritas over ice. More refreshing, less prevalent fake-pucker aftertaste.

Decide for yourself, the mixers are available locally at MB Liquors on South Beach, and Grove Liquors (in the Grove Gate Shopping Center in Coconut Grove).

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