Paris vs. Miami: Can You Tell The Difference?

I passed by one of the new South Beach rental bicycle racks just after the bikes were installed last week. A few years back my wife and I took advantage of the same system in Paris, and I have a photo of the bicycles lined up on a street in the Montmartre neighborhood. Thought the comparison was interesting in terms of style, and rifled through some old photos to see if I had any other Paris-Miami contrasts. Turns out there were a few, which I present here. Draw your own conclusions.

One of these is a photo of the new South Beach bicycles, the other is from Paris. Can you tell which is which?


One of these is dinner on a Continental flight out of Miami, the other on an Air France flight returning to Miami:

A French crêpe, an American quesadilla:

French pastries; pastries at Gran Paris Bakery in Miami:

Pommes Anna in Paris, french fries with cheese at Shake Shack:

Croissants from Paris, croissants from Delices de France in Miami:

Air France terminal for flight home to Miami; new MIA terminal:

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