P.Pole Pizza Serves Pies With Unlimited Toppings for Nine Bucks
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P.Pole Pizza Serves Pies With Unlimited Toppings for Nine Bucks

In a time when convenience and fresh ingredients are revered, P.Pole Pizza on Miracle Mile has only two offerings and two prices: a cheese pizza for $7 and a pizza packed with your choice of ingredients for $9. The pizzaiolos roll out the dough but there's none of the traditional tossing. After customers pick their toppings, they can watch their thin-crust, skateboard-shaped pizza fly out of the electric oven in two to three minutes.

P.Pole is helmed by Stefano Carniato, president and cofounder of Piola; he brings a serious resume to the pizza game. "I wanted customers to have total control and be able to express themselves," he said. "This is the pizzeria della libertá — customers are free to make whatever they want of their pizza and never lose sight of it."

The reggae music and playful graffiti on the walls welcome customers to this 1,400-square-foot modern space, where toppings are plentiful and play to everyone's weakness. If you can't decide on a single combination, let your imagination run wild. Consider layering pesto sauce with tomatoes, eggs, vegan cheese, olives, and zucchini on one side of the crust and sweet sausage, bacon, meatballs, parmesan, and spicy tomato sauce on the other for a more than satisfying meal. The texture of the almond milk-based vegan cheese is soft and creamy, with the appeal of catupiry cheese, and the gluten-free chia crust savory and satisfying.

P.Pole's pies are also easy to transport. Pizza boxes are made out of zucchini fiber and made to fit on a bicycle's rear rack.

Carniato's daughter Giulia, 19, a student at Parsons in New York City, was a co-creator of the project. The father-daughter team envisioned a simple, open venue that embraced the millennial mindset — a health-conscious, money-savvy generation that loves variety and likes to eat out but can't spend much.

The pizzeria has attracted a consistent customer base since its opening in mid-April. To keep bringing in a young, energetic crowd, it's joining Coral Gables' gallery night every first Friday of the month with live music and DJs, while encouraging customers to paint on the walls in the outside seating area.

Carniato has plans to open a second P.Pole outpost in Miami Beach and is currently scouting for the perfect location.

P.Pole Pizza. 279 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables; 786-618-5287; ppolepizza.com. Daily 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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