Monday night at The Oceanaire Seafood Room in Brickell, Chef Sean Bernal hosted the Chef's Club, a semi-monthly meeting of some of the tri-county's best food talent for eats, drinks, talkin' smack, and hanging out. Just some of the chefs who came through were Alberto Cabrera (STK), Gonzalo Rivera (La Marea), Jeff Oneill (Gibraltar), Cindy Hutson (Ortanique),Sam Gorenstein (BLT Steak), Michael Jacobs (Strategic Hospitality Group), Joshua Marcus (Chow Down Grill), and Jouvens Jean (Sawa). There were more folks there, and even some in the above photo whose names we don't know.

Food for the event was prepared by Exec Sous Chef Kareem Anguin and laid out serve- yourself buffet style with anticucho (beef hearts), seafood paella, ceviche, oysters on the half shell, make your own steak tacos, and a hell of a cheese tray. Here are a few more pictures...

Oceanaire Seafood Room Brickell Hosts Chef's Club

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