New App Delivers Alcohol to Your Doorstep

There have been milkmen and mailmen, and now it's only fitting that beermen exist too. These brave souls deliver alcohol to your doorstep. They'll bring everything from Pinot Grigios to Malbecs, Jack Daniel's to Grey Goose, and a variety of canned and bottled beers, mixers, and sodas. They will even tote plastic cups. The stress of going on an "alcohol run" is so yesterday with the creation of Klink. The delivery service is now available in midtown, Brickell, South Beach, and parts of Coconut Grove, Sunny Isles Beach, Aventura, and North Miami.

Think of Klink as an Uber for alcohol, mixed with Amazon-like features. Klink partners with local liquor stores to facilitate deliveries, which usually take 20 to 40 minutes. As a user, you simply access Klink via its website or iOS/Android app, input your location, choose alcohol, verify your information, and answer your door about a half-hour later. To place an order, you must fulfill the company's $20 minimum and are charged a $3.87 delivery fee. But there are no markups on the alcohol.

The idea came to longtime friends and South Florida natives Craig Bolz and Jeffrey Nadel when the two were undergraduate students at the University of Central Florida and the University of Pennsylvania, respectively. "We actually went to preschool together," Bolz laughs. "We were both huge fans of apps like Uber and GrubHub and wondered how we could use the same type of business model on something different."

Soon the two realized they could apply the model to alcohol. "By going to college parties and realizing how many people were going on beer runs, we realized we could do the same business model for alcohol delivery," Bolz says. 

The app has made its way from Florida to Washington, D.C. and Ann Arbor, Michigan, and plans are in the works to expand to other metropolitan cities by the end of 2015. But for now, their priority remains South Florida. "We're partnered with about six stores in Miami," Bolz says. "We're working on expanding to Coral Gables and Fort Lauderdale."

Anyone under 21 looking to use Klink shouldn't bother. The app's age-verification system is more than just a bouncer or bartender skimming your ID. While placing an order online, a driver's license number is required, and ID is inspected again upon delivery to ensure the purchaser is of age. "Fake IDs won't work," Bolz says, "and if we come across one, we cancel the order and report the customer."  

Bolz says users can look forward to some major brand partnerships in the near future, which would include perks such as celebrity deliveries. "In D.C., we had a deal with Bud Light, and Steve Aoki delivered alcohol," Bolz says. "We really want to re-create the liquor-buying experience. We don’t want to just bring the liquor store to you, but we want to give awesome experiences to our customers."

Klink is available for use or download at klinkdelivery.com. Who knows — the next time you order a drink, Steve Aoki might appear at your door. Or maybe it'll just be one of Klink's beermen. Either way, you ordered alcohol from the palm of your hand, which is pretty cool.

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