Ms. Cheezious Hosts TV Filming Party, Plans Expansion

Ms. Cheezious has plenty of delicious sandwiches, but her most decadent has got to be the croqueta monsieur.

The sandwich, a mashup of two culinary favorites, was created for a food event, Ms. Cheezious' Brian Mullins explains. "Our croqueta monsieur came to be when Burger Beast asked us to participate in his Croquetapalooza event," he says. "We came up with the idea of adding croquetas to the classic croque-monsieur and adding our spin to it. It's been a crowd favorite ever since."

Word of the sandwich, which consists of three croquetas, shaved tavern ham, Gruyère, and Gouda béchamel, has spread, and the cheesy delight has its own fan base. In fact, the sandwich (and the people behind it) are being taped for a national television show this Sunday, and you're invited to the filming party.

August 9 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Ms. Cheezious will host a taping party, complete with $4 Sixpoint brew specials. Fans of Ms. Cheezious will also get the opportunity to appear in the show, with guest interviews from noon to 3 p.m. The only problem is that Mullins has been sworn to secrecy as to which show will be filming. The only hints are that it's a national show and that the host is "very attractive." Don't get your hopes up that Anthony Bourdain will shoot another Miami episode of Parts Unknown, however. This is a new show.

Mullins, who has been featured on several TV shows before, including Live With Michael and Kelly for the show's Trucking Amazing Cook-off, will prepare the croqueta monsieur on camera. Mullins says he enjoys showing off his grilled cheese creations to the world. "I love when we are recognized for what we are doing here in Miami and love the opportunity to showcase what we do." 

Like all good shoots, there's a lot of prep work behind a few minutes of television gold, as the Ms. Cheezious big cheese explains. "To prep for the shoot day, we will be making lots of croquetas and béchamel," he says. "For the show, we will be shooting a step-by-step on how we make the croquetas and everything that goes into this magical melt. The staff is ready and excited to be part of the fun."

As far as what the future holds for this star sandwich and the team behind it, Mullins says there are plans to expand the Ms. Cheezious empire. "We are currently in lease negotiations for our second location and have our sights on a third location regionally," he says. "Our fourth will be in an out-of-state market."

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