Mother-Daughter Duo Opens Vegan Commercial Kitchen to Help Startups
Courtesy of My Vgan Kitchen

Mother-Daughter Duo Opens Vegan Commercial Kitchen to Help Startups

If you've ever wanted to whip up your own magical vegan delights but have a kitchen the size of a crawlspace, you're now in luck. Mother-daughter duo Martha Arango and Daniela Ochoa have opened My Vgan Kitchen, an entirely plant-based professional space where culinarians can create.

"We were inspired by seeing many people wanting to start their business and there not being a 100 percent vegan commercial kitchen nearby," Arango says. "We already manufacture vegan food products and have space for other people. Why not help the community grow by having more products available?"

The kitchen is located at 2954 W. 84th St., Hialeah, and rates run from $12 to $18 an hour depending upon needs. It's designed for caterers, chefs, restaurants, and entrepreneurs.

"We are opened to helping everyone interested, yet our target is to help people that have a great product but have no idea how to begin their business," Ochoa says. She and her mother have experience helping vegan companies get started, so they're looking to use their expertise here too.

"We provide support with all the license procedures, offer in-house label printing, and product delivery in our commercial vehicle," Arango adds.

Ochoa also has her own brands that operate out of the kitchen, including Productos las Delicias, a line of Colombian arepas; Nutri D'Light, which manufactures healthy products such as Fit arepas and vegan lentil burgers; and My Vgan, which creates veganized products such as "cheez" arepas, pastelitos, tequeños, and vegan cheeses.

The kitchen's first client is Casheez, a spreadable cashew cheese made by Vegan Delicacies.

Arango and Ochoa say they've watched Miami's vegan scene change and develop over time. "We see it grow every day. Consciousness is on the rise."

My Vgan Kitchen. 2954 W. 84th St., Hialeah; myvgnkitchen.com.

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