Miami's Ten Best Hot Dogs: Try One, You Wiener!

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No one really knows the origins of the frankfurter or who was the first to slap a hot meat link into a steamy loaf. Frankfurt, of course, is a town in Germany and Wiener is probably a reference to Vienna -- the city's German name is Wien.

Whatever. We've investigated, probed and judged the naked the town's links, the dirty pinks, to come up with Miami's best wieners. Welcome to the top ten hot dogs in Miami.

10. El Rey de las Fritas
The cafeteria-style diner that Miamians know oh so well. Complete with pictorial menu display. We ordered a perro caliente sin nada ($3.25) to get a sense of what meat they were packing. The flavor is pretty good, but this is definitely more of a quick churrasco joint. We do like the fact that you get a huge portion for the cost, and all on a toasty roll.

9. Los Perros Aqui
The hot dogs here ($4) are somewhat hard to find considering they are hidden under thick layers of crushed potato chips, and copious amounts of sauce. It was sort of like eating a bun pumped full of mayonnaise with a thick coating of chips. Filling and heart stopping all in one gluttonous package. Hooray.

8. Los Perros
They get away with charging their patrons $8 to $9 for a single hot dog, perhaps because there's a pretty good selection as far as flavor combinations go, and the link was tasty just on its own. But this franchise, which has locations from Broward to Kendall, has quite a selection of the famed salchipapas, with French, native, mix, and remix styles.

7. Arbetter's Hot Dogs
​These guys have been a hot dog mainstay since 1962 and we love the fact they keep things classic. They're best known for chunky chilli dogs ($2) that are so good they'd make Sonic the Hedgehog weep with joy. Their sole location on Bird Road is the perfect cozy neighborhood joint. The buns are warm and soft, and the boiled hot dog are tasty.

6. La Perrada de Edgar
We love it when places serve good food at decent prices in great locations. Edgar's is one of these. Right off the beach and offering us $5 hot dogs, the place makes us more then happy to fork over the cash. They have an international display of choices, each with delectable tidbits from a unique culture. These franks are huge and delicious. We recommend the "Roman," which comes topped with meatballs and bacon, as well as their "Spanish" hot dog, which is covered in an eggy mess of bacon, mozzarella and pineapple.

5. Dogma Grill
​Where's a vegetarian to go when he or she needs a hot dog fix? Head on over to the hot dog place of worship with the rest of the devoted fan base. Dogma has just what you're looking for be you meat-eater, weight watcher or vegetarian (from $3-$6). We like the fact that no matter what topping you choose, they start off with a solid base of succulent meat and a fluffy little bun. Add on what you please and take a bite, you won't be disappointed.

4. Dog Eat Dog Food Truck
No one does variety like Dog Eat Dog Food Truck. And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Every item on the menu takes on a life of its own ($3-$6), with complex flavors that are true to the country it represents, down to the very last drop of home made sriracha sauce. Don't stop what you're doing guys, because we want more Asian Dogs for years to come.

3. La Moon
Locals raved about this place long before it was featured on any TV show, and locals will always go to La Moon because they know how to take a simple hot dog ($5.50) to the next level. A quail egg is on our hot dog, people, and we gobbled the whole thing up. It was messy and sexy and just the way we like our hot dogs, meaty and delicious.

2. Doggi Style
Parked from 4 to 11 p.m. at the gas station on the corner of SW 24th Street and 57th Avenue, Doggi Style sure does draw a crowd considering her location. It's no surprise when you walk up and are greeted with nothing but smiles and the friendliest service you'll ever get from a hot dog vendor. The juicy, plump hot dogs ($2.50) are pressed into the most tasty piece of potato bread you'll ever have. This 100 percent beef dog blew away the competition. Except for number one that is. Oh, and just park at the pump people, no one will care.

1. Pincho Factory
Short Order chose Pincho Factory for the best wieners because the place serves real deal Chicago style hot dogs ($4). They pride themselves on offering the highest quality meats, buns and toppings, and it shows in texture and taste. Their all-beef links were griddled to perfection and placed in their amazing poppy seed bun. And after you've eaten your fourth hot dog, you'll still have room for all the other amazing things on the menu. Customer will always have their tongues wagging at this list of tasty treats. Pincho, we crown you king of wieners.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.