Miami's Ten Best Burritos: Hot Dogs, Skinny Ones, Tofu Ones, Even Tongue

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Although the burrito was invented in Mexico as a portable street food, it is really only popular in the northern part of the country -- which may explain its migration to the United States.

Though it has a large Latino influence, Miami's not the biggest burrito town. That doesn't mean you can't find one, just that you have to work a little harder. Here are ten of our favorites:

10. The Burrito Dog at Dogma Grill
Though completely non-traditional, the

burrito dog is one indulgent delicious hot mess. Two grilled dogs are

topped with chili, bacon, chopped onions, sour cream, cheese, and yellow

mustard, before being blanketed in a gigantic flour burrito -- then

grilled again to merge the ingredients together. Salty, hot, creamy --

it's a guilty pleasure that tastes like summer ($5.95).

9. The Wet Burrito at Taco Rico

near UM, Taco Rico provides the kind of food college kids need -

burritos in portions large enough to either share or that can provide

two meals on a student budget. But Taco Rico also gets it right with

tasty burritos, filled with chunks of grilled chicken pork, ground beef

($6.95), or steak ($7.70). Order it wet to have your burrito

doused with enchilada sauce and melted cheese.

8. The Skinny Burrito at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill
When Ruby Tuesday announced

it would purchase Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, Miami's own breakout

fast-casual burrito restaurant, we got worried that a major corporation

would fuss with Lime's philosophy of using humanely-raised meat and

making their salsas fresh daily. We were assured this would not be so.

In any event, the original South Beach location will remain in the

hands of original owner John Kunkel. With all the burritos available at

Lime, we opt for the skinny ($7.99), a whole wheat burrito filled with

grilled chicken, fat-free refried beans, shredded cheese, and lettuce.

It's a guiltless way to eat on the go.

7. The Posse Energy Burrito at Lost and Found Saloon

pardner! Artsy tenderfoots need a good, filling breakfast just as much

as real cowboys and Lost and Found Saloon's got your feedbag all ready

to go! The posse energy burrito ($8.25) stuffs chicken, saffron rice,

refried beans, shredded cheese blend, lettuce and tomato into a soft

flour taco. In no time, you'll be ready to get on your horse and ride

into the sunset -- even if your horse happens to be a Ford Fiesta.

6. The Mexican Burrito at Salsa Fiesta

Fiesta allows you to customize your burrito from a choice of about a

half dozen base models.The Mexicano starts with a flour or wheat

burrito filled with roasted corn, beans, fresh cilantro, onions, and

cheese, then allows you to add rice or lettuce and the protein of your

choice (chicken or beef $7.35, steak or fish $8.50). There's also a

vegetarian option for you non-carnivores.

5. The Tofu Burrito at T-Mex

before there were people, the country of Mexico swarmed with great

lizards who roamed the earth in search of some really good tofu.  OK,

maybe not, but even carnivorous dinosaurs would sink their giant fangs

into this burrito filled with cheese, vegetables, and seasoned

tofu ($4.95).

4. La Camaronera Burrito at La Camaronera

unorthodox to eat a burrito at a place known for super fresh seafood --

until you realize that inside the warm flour shell lies (guess what?) - super fresh

seafood! Consider the tortilla a home for the grilled shrimp,

corvina, and seafood-infused sauce ($9). You may have broken with

tradition, but it was delicious, wasn't it?

3. The Marley at Nacho Bizness

a world of flavor inside Aaron Byers' little trailer, but Nacho Bizness

cranks out some of the most flavorful, overstuffed burritos this side

of California. These surfer-dude-style burritos are all filled with

fresh ingredients, but we go with the Marley, filled with Jamaican jerk

chicken and tropical pineapple slaw ($7).

2. Lengua Burrito at Mr. Taco

little storefront is the place where kitchen staff at four-star

restaurants go when they want a little after-work love. Large cauldrons filled with tomatillos simmer on the burners, making Mr. Taco a heavenly place to be. Burritos come filled with

many different meat choices including ground seasoned beef, chicken,

veggie, steak, al pastor, pork, or chorizo, but if you're hankering for

an authentic taste of Mexico, we suggest the lengua ($6.75), filled with

slow-braised beef tongue. So good, you'll be left speechless.

1. Octopus Burrito at My Ceviche

Gorenstein makes beautiful ceviche at his teeny-tiny restaurant

in the SoFi section of Miami Beach, but he must have seen a market in

catering to the international students who stay at the youth hostel

adjacent to his place because his burritos are the sleeper hit. Filled

with insanely fresh seafood like corvina and sushi-grade tuna, they're

like no other burrito in Miami. We love the octopus, filled with

coconut-jasmine rice and pickled onions ($9.95). Best way to eat one?

Take it one block east and eat it with your toes in the sand!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.