Miami Heat Players Restaurant Choices Show They Go Big or Go Home

If you made $15 million a year, where would you eat? If you asked the top stars on the Championship-bound Miami Heat, and you'll get some surprising answers.

Miami Heat players, who can often be found chowing down at Prime 112, are as likely to order a $4 Big Mac as to fork over $104 for a 48-ounce double porterhouse at Morton's Steakhouse that can feed one Heat player or two normal humans.

Morton's Steakhouse is a favorite dining spot for superstar Lebron James, who, like other NBA dribbling colossals, favors the huge cuts, such as the double filet mignon, that can satisfy his equally colossal appetite. Morton's even relaxes its dress-code for the athletes, allowing them to show up in track suits.

With salaries reaching nearly $15 million and countless millions more in endorsements, it's no surprise these guys choose to spend their money on the good stuff. Chris Bosh is said to enjoy his fare at the Forge, where he can eat meals like lobster bisque, caviar, and a grilled Angus sirloin burger accompanied by a fine Bordeaux.

While American Airlines Arena is surrounded by swanky restaurants like DB Bistro Moderne, Zuma, Chop House Miami, and Il Gabbiano, the fan site dwademv3.com says Dwyane Wade prefers his meals on the slightly less refined side. The site lists Home Run Inn Pizza and Harold's Chicken Shack, as well as McDonald's, as the Chicago native's go-to spots for a meal.

But if the star guard has a craving for Home Run Inn's Chicago style pizza or Harold's chicken fried in beef tallow along with the traditional oil, he has to travel to Chicago (no reason to now).

As for D-Wade's favorite Miami joint, he's also outta luck. People's Bar-B-Que, which NBC Miami claimed was his favorite local dive, closed last August for violating 20 different health codes, including serving maggots to customers.

At least we know Udonis Haslem keeps it classy. According to the power forward's NBA.com profile, Haslem would pick Red Lobster over anything.

That just goes to show that when you go big, there's no middle ground.

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