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Miami Brewers Celebrate 4/20 With Special Events and Beer Releases

Kaptain Kush reemerges on 4/20.
Kaptain Kush reemerges on 4/20. Natalia Parra
click to enlarge Kaptain Kush reemerges on 4/20. - NATALIA PARRA
Kaptain Kush reemerges on 4/20.
Natalia Parra
There are made-up holidays to suit everyone's mood and taste. You can celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day on June 2 or justify your penchant for fried chicken and fries on October 25, National Greasy Foods Day. But some "fake" holidays seem to resonate more than others.

Take, for example, 4/20 Day. On April 20, thousands of people celebrate by getting high with friends. There are many legends as to the day's origins, from Grateful Dead connections (they requested room 420 at hotels a lot) to a group of high-school kids in San Rafael, California, meeting daily at 4:20 p.m. to get stoned.

Many festivities are planned for 4/20, including events at Miami breweries making special beers inspired by the day, and at least one contains CBD. Beat Culture Brewery's Commander Brain Drain is a limited-edition northeast IPA with blueberry, lactose, French vanilla, and CBD oil. The 7.6 percent ABV beer will be poured at Lokal and Kush on 4/20 and served at Tripping Animals' Irie Jungle Festival.

Kush Wynwood.
 Kush celebrates its mythical character, Kaptain Kush, with a series of beers based on the Miami superhero's archenemies. The Villain series includes Beat Culture's Commander Brain Drain; Gulfstream Brewing Company's Dr. Dank, a 7.7 percent ABV Hazy IPA; Nightlife Brewing Company's White Fire, a 3.1 percent ABV guava vanilla Berliner Weisse; J. Wakefield Brewing's Blunted Bandit, a 6.8 percent ABV snickerdoodle-infused brown ale; and Tarpon River Brewing Company's Killer Purp, a 5 percent ABV milkshake sour with blueberries, boysenberries, and blackberries. Lincoln's Beard Brewing's Kaptain Kush, a 6 percent ABV American IPA made with strawberries, will also be available. 2003 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-576-4500;

Lincoln's Beard Brewing Company. Friday, April 19, Lincoln's Beard Brewing Company will release No Pasties. This collaboration with Tripping Animals Brewing Company is a 9.11 percent ABV sour milkshake imperial (double) IPA. Itawe & Friends will perform a Bob Marley tribute at the brewery that day. 7360 SW 41st St., Miami; 305-912-7390;

Tripping Animals Brewing Company's Irie Jungle Festival. From 2 to 6 p.m. Saturday, April 20, Tripping Animals will host its Irie Jungle Festival, featuring more than 15 breweries, live reggae bands such as Johnny Dread and Itawe & Friends, and food vendors. Tickets cost $50. The brewery will also release its Irie Jungle IPA, a 7 percent ABV IPA made with Azacca, Idaho 7, and Strata hops. Food vendors include Pokekai, Big O' Smoke & Grill, Masa Craft Croquettes, and Gorilla City Meat and Sandwiches. 2685 NW 105th Ave., Doral;
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Haidar Hachem is a type 1 diabetic and cancer survivor who lives his life by running long distances (in Speedos) and drinking beer. He is a brewery/beer reviewer and is on his way to becoming Cicerone-certified. Cheers!
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