Meat Market's Sunday Supper Mixes Tradition and Style

South Beach has many distinctive qualities, however traditional and affordable are not the first ones that come mind. And generally the carnivorous Lincoln Road hot-spot, Meat Market is neither.

But every Sunday, Meat Market dishes out wood grilled, slow roasted slabs of prime rib for $38.

Plan on it being an ongoing weekly event, at least for now. "We seem to have found a very loyal following for this special night," proclaimed general manager Sebastian Tribout. "Many of the same people come out every single Sunday to drink and dine, with their friends and family."

The feeling of being amongst friends and sharing a traditional Sunday supper as if you were back home at Mama's house, is nearly an unimaginable task for this fly-by-night, tourist island.

"Sunday Supper Flashbacks," as they are affectionately titled, are the soul brain child of executive chef and co-owner Sean Brasel. And if you've ever stepped foot inside, you know it's shiny, copper colored, luminescent interior is anything but old school. 

So what inspired Brasel to create this throwback menu item, with such an unforeseen element of conventionality? "Chef Brasel wanted to bring a modern and innovative twist to the classic Sunday family meal," said Brasel's rep.

However, grass-fed fans may still need to be won over, considering heavy marbling simply translates into boat loads of fat. One healthier aspect of this dish however, is the replacement of the traditional steak sauce with natural au jus. The top is then piled high with onions and fried Anaheim green chiles.

"Anyway you look at it, prime rib is a great cut of beef," said Brasel, "The level of marbling also contributes to the beefs juiciness, tenderness and flavor."

Even if you're not available for the Sunday night feast, you can try squeezing your way in for their famous happy hour. Anytime between 5 and 8 p.m. on Fridays, you can set up shop at the bar and down half price signature cocktails, while you nibble on $1.50 oysters, and $6 kiwi ceviche.

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