Legs on ice.EXPAND
Legs on ice.
Photo by Carina Ost

Lique Serves All-You-Can-Eat Alaskan King Crab Legs Tuesdays

Crabs in Miami are mainly of the stone variety. However, the sweet meat of Alaskan king crab is the star Tuesday nights at Lique. The 1-year-old, indoor/outdoor restaurant on the Intracoastal in North Miami Beach always dishes out Mediterranean plates with a seafood focus, but on Tuesdays, crab is king. From 6 p.m. to midnight, for $77.77, you can indulge in three courses of king crab, from crostini and bisque to caesar salad and all-you-can-eat crab legs.

Dinner on the waterEXPAND
Dinner on the water
Photo by Carina Ost

The restaurant offers free valet parking for cars and boats. And the nautical aesthetic enhances the deliciousness of the seafood.

Crab crostiniEXPAND
Crab crostini
Photo by Carina Ost

Diners who order from the special Tuesday menu will be treated to the sweet aroma of truffles when the plank of king crab crostini is placed on the table. The delicate lump crab holds its own with the crunchy and chewy crust and melted cheese.

Crab bisque
Crab bisque
Photo by Carina Ost

If given an option between crab caesar salad and crab bisque, choose the bisque. The creamy, flavorful bowl swims with plump pieces of king crab.

Legs for days.EXPAND
Legs for days.
Photo by Carina Ost

But it's all about those beautiful, all-you-can-eat legs. Whether you get them steamed or chilled, get cracking right away. Take a dip in the cocktail sauce, garlic butter, Parmesan cream sauce, hollandaise, or tartar sauce — these legs can stand up to any pairing.

Cigar loungeEXPAND
Cigar lounge
Photo by Carina Ost

After your fill of sweet meaty legs, you may need some recovery time or a smoke. Head to the adjacent cigar and hookah lounge, XM Cigar Lounge. You might spy the cigar locker with the name "Dwyane Wade" etched in it. 

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