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Lights Out Miami Starts Tomorrow at Escopazzo, City Hall, and More

We introduced you to Lights Out Miami back in August when Ability Explosion previewed their blind dinners at City Hall. If you're still in the dark, here's a look at that event.

The day has arrived and sufficient time has passed for the idea to marinate in your mind. The restaurants have been prepped, the servers have been trained, and the sexy blindfolds have been purchased (they are great for extracurricular activities, too). Tomorrow, tomorrow you can finally have the experience to dine blindly.

So, which of the 10 participating restaurants will you hit up?

  • Escopazzo

  • The Dining Room
  • Indomania
  • Hakkasan

  • 660 at The Angler's

  • City Hall

  • Vice

  • Red The Steakhouse

  • Cafe at Books & Books on Lincoln Road
  • Kork Wine & Cheese

Lights Out Miami is part of a full week of events geared towards raising awareness of locals with disabilities.

"Lights Out Miami is my favorite event of Ability Explosion's," said founder David New said of Lights Out. "I became blind halfway through life, an experience that was extremely life changing and difficult.

"This event truly captures the notion of walking in another person's shoes. Plus, food is great for this type of experience as it forces your brain to function in new ways. With that being said, here's some advice: Initially, it's easier to forgo the fork and knife and eat with your hands. It may get messy, but it's guaranteed to make it inside your mouth."

Prices and dining times vary at participating restaurants. All participating restaurants follow the Miami Spice format featuring the best of their menus. 660 at the Angler's features okra and fried chicken, while the Dining Room will serve braised pork cheeks and branzino.

Check out a quick photo recap from Lights Out Miami's preview night at City Hall below.

Here's a challenge: It's easy to cheat. Guests really behaved at the first event, opting to

keep the blindfolds on even while visiting the restrooms. Our advice: Cheat only to take pictures of people spilling food on themselves.

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