"Last Call" at the University of Miami Rathskeller in Pictures

People flooded the University of Miami's Rathskeller this past Friday to take part in "Last Call" festivities. The line of those determined to snag a coveted seat formed at 10 in the morning. Around 3 in the afternoon, thunderstorms forced people to take shelter inside until the sun returned. Waiters ran around all day refilling pitchers of Bud Select and serving baskets of hamburgers, fries, and mozzarella sticks to hungry customers.

The patio was packed until midnight, when Semisonic's "Closing Time" over the loudspeakers signaled the evening's end. Students were sad to see the Rat go but clearly decided to celebrate rather than wallow in misery.

From tables to gliders, empty seats were few and far between.

Friends Sydney and Alyssa capture those final memories.

Nothing like an afternoon spent lakeside rocking on a glider.

Katie, Kelly, and Alex enjoy one last meal at their favorite campus spot.

They served a limited menu, but you can bet that didn't deter people from ordering.

A Rat speciality: Kenny's Buffalo chicken sub.

Tables were limited to three pitchers at a time to keep up with demand.

Inside, the line to order food was long, but students could watch a slide show highlighting memories from the Rat.

Cheers to great times since 1972 and many more to come!

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