Kitchen Pranks: The Old Oven Knob In The Jello Trick

"You see this knob? It's precious to a lineman, especially when it gets real busy, cause you're struggling to turn everything on. They come right off see? One thing cooks will do just to mess with each other is steal em', and hide em'. I remember being in a kitchen where some of the guys had worked together for a long time, and one of em' came in to eat with his girlfriend or somethin'. They made jello for him for dessert with an oven knob in the center. He stuck his fork in to take a bite, and...Clink. Cooks pull a lot of pranks on each other. That one's not as bad as throwing spoons in the fryer. I seen people get all burned up from that."

As told by Gonzalo Rivera, Executive Chef of La Marea at The Tides, South Beach.

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Jacob Katel
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