Key Biscayne's Wetlab to Re-Open as Rose's October 19 UPDATED

For broke, beer-loving Miamians, the past few months without The Wetlab have been a painful lesson in withdrawal. This top secret watering hole known for its astonishingly cheap drinks, dog-friendly digs and Key Biscayne's best view has been shuttered since the end of May.

But there's good news on the horizon. The Wetlab, a part of UM's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) Key Biscayne campus, is transitioning into Rose's -- and will apparently retain much of original's hideaway charm. A true hidden gem (as in, you need a hand-written map to find it), its existence is known only to locals, students, faculty and clued-in boozehounds.

According to The Wetlab's Facebook page, the joint will re-open on October 19th.

"The time is nigh! The Wetlab cometh! We will be having a soft re-opening October 19th! You read correctly, the bar you know and love will be returning to warm your cockles with wondrous craft beer and libation!"

UM reps tells us that one of the primary differences will be on-site food options, as previously, they just sold bags of chips and allowed patrons to bring in outside food.

Back in June, they stated the following via Facebook: "Wetlab fans! We are making progress in preparing your favorite establishment for re-opening. Mark and Dan had a great meeting today with Chef Rose from Rose's Cafe from the Gables One Tower. We are happy and excited to announce that the student-run RSMAS Wetlab will be partnering with these guys as our new food service vendor and we will be returning soon with your same great staff and selections. Lots of great changes to come as well, including tasty and healthy food menus coming soon."

On July 28, they noted, "Making progress on the new booze license and plans to reopen are in the mix. We'll keep you updated." Nothing since then. But, a quick glimpse at the location offered glimpses of (GASP) green tablecloths! And an official "Rose's" sign. A far cry from The Wetlab's previous uber-casual digs. There were signs of life, so it seems progress is being made. Let's hope the good news comes sooner rather than later, for the sake of all our pocketbooks.

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