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Jamaican Me Crazy: Appleton Estate Rum

Jamaica's orange and vanilla scented Appleton Rum is the taste of smooth sophistication. Coming in on a wave from our friendly neighbors to the south, this sweet brand has flooded Miami hot spots like the Fontainebleau while making frequent trips into the mouth of this thirty Booze Hound, who very much approves of the amber elixir. So much so, that I invited the master blender from the Appleton distillery to the New Times office to give our staff a taste of paradise.

Since 1749 Appleton Estate Rum has been known as Jamaica's finest legal import. Blended by master blender Joy Spence (the first female to ever earn that title) the rum is produced from Appleton's own crop of sugar cane.

We first tried the Appleton Estate Reserve, which pairs nicely with muddled orange, or if you want to be less fancy, ginger-ale. Yet, if sipped neat it's nothing short of a treat. The full bodied taste is approachable and playful yet serious. With hints of citrus and nutmeg, it becomes a drink far surpassing the lower more childish brand, Bacardi. This premium rum is a masterpiece of blending and taste. Try a glass of Appleton Reserve with a hot plate of spiced Jerk Chicken or pair with your favorite Kong Pao dish.

Next to tickle our pallet was the Appleton Estate Extra which is aged twelve years. This is a rum that "should never see a blender" according to Master Joyce. Pairing this blend with coconut or chocolate covered strawberries can only be described as orgasmic. The combo of the flavors feels like the warm sands of Jamaica with a complexity not found in any other rum. The Extra is also deliciously paired with blue cheese or smoked meat, so get creative.

Appleton also benefits the environment. Not only is this rum all natural, but because its by-products are high in potassium and other nutrients, Appleton recycles the offshoot by using them to irrigate the sugarcane fields. Which makes this boozer feel less like a hound when indulging in rum with good intent.

Pick up a bottle of the Appleton Estate Reserve valued at around $25. Or if you want to spoil yourself, try a bottle of the Extra which will set you back about $45.

Appleton Estate also offers a fun drink mixer via their website that matches the vibe of your night with the perfect cocktail. 

So, grab an ocean view, cue up your favorite version of 'One Love' and develop a new found romance with rum. Cheers, mon.

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Whitney Roux
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