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Instagrammer Documents Mar-a-Lago Caviar Served With Plastic Spoons

An Instagrammer's weekend at Mar-a-Lago, deemed the "Winter White House" by some, was apparently spoiled when she was offered caviar with plastic spoons, thereby proving what most of the world already knows: Donald Trump wouldn't know true luxury if it slapped him with an Hermès Birkin bag.

The photo, which has since gone viral, was posted by Maria Rogers, @vacayinbae, and shows a tin of caviar bookended by two plastic spoons and some tired-looking accompaniments of chopped egg, onion, and crème fraîche.

A post shared by Maria Rogers (@vacayinbae) on

A follow-up post shows some run-of-the-mill crackers instead of the blinis traditionally offered with caviar.

Vacayinbae commented:

I hate to do this, but this is a total #disgrace , #shame on #maralago , you can’t serve caviar with plastic spoons! Please offer your caviar with mother of pearl spoons and dishes! Wait until you see the accompaniments...#horriblepresentation no THIS WAS NOT THE EVENT. It was the restaurant.

Rogers is referring to the $100,000-a-plate fete thrown by Trump in his own honor this past Saturday evening. The president didn't make his own anniversary party, instead sending his son Eric to the event because of the government shutdown.

Red the Steakhouse's Peter Vauthy says the correct way to serve caviar is with a mother-of-pearl spoon. "You don't want anything to react with the caviar. if you're serving with plastic, you either broke all of your mother-of-pearl spoons or you're plain cheap." 

To pair with your caviar, drink champagne or something sparkling unless you're in colder climates — like Russia — where it's acceptable to drink the delicacy with vodka, according to Vauthy.

"I'm more offended that the proper bread service wasn't offered," the chef adds. "Caviar should be presented with fresh blinis or toast points, but the bread has to be very plain. Having flavored crackers will take away from the flavor of the caviar. I wouldn't be surprised to find a bowl of Cheetos next to the caviar."

Vauthy is quick to point out this isn't a Trump story; it's a food story. "If you're going out of your way to serve caviar, you serve it with caviar spoons. Obviously, the Mar-a-Lago people aren't as refined as people think."

New Times called Mar-a-Lago for comment. The receptionist on duty said, "We don't like to respond to the press." We were then transferred to a security officer, who offered, "When it comes to media, you can't really speak to anyone."

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