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Indomania Reopens Tonight; Will Be Featured on Check, Please!

Pieter and Ineke Both have returned from their annual visit to native Amsterdam and are set to once again serve their loyal base of local fans starting this evening. "Getting some inspiration, seeing friends and family" is how Pieter describes their four-week sojourn. Will such inspirations lead to specific changes at the quaint 32-seat Indomania? "Absolutely," replies Both. "We went to a restaurant that did a vegetarian rijsttafel. It inspired us to do a vegetarian rijsttafel with 14 or 15 different plates, and we'll do a fish rijsttafel too.

In other Indomania news...

Pieter reports that "Ineke spoke with Michelle Bernstein last night. We're going to be in the program 'Check, Please!'" They'll be coming in to film interior shots in October, and "the broadcast should be in December."

Lights Out Miami Beach

will also be coming to Indomania on Wednesday, October 20. Lights Out

Miami Beach simulates a dining experience without sight. "We'll black

out the restaurant," promises Pieter, so that guests and wait staff are

literally left in the dark. It's a charity thing to help the


"It's our living room," Both says of their little Indomania restaurant,

which debuted in 2007. Starting tonight, the living room is open and

getting ready for its season of no lights, cameras, and action.


131 26th St., Miami Beach


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