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Gravity Brewlab Prepares to Launch First Official Beer in Miami

For a long time, the website of Gravity Brewlab read "coming soon", but now its suds are finally here. Miami's latest brewery is releasing a handful of kegs of Sunshine State of Mind in preparation for the Miami market next month.

Gravity Brewlab is the latest to join the ranks of local breweries. Owner and brewer Diego Ganoza told Short Order that even though Gravity does not have a location, the beer is contract-brewed in a discreet location that will soon be brewed out of a location in Miami. Where? That's a secret too.

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But let's talk about the brews, which is the real news. It's Gravity's first mass-produced beer in the market.

Sunshine State of Mind is a wheat saison. But unlike a typical saison recipe, Ganoza said he did not use Brettanomyces, a yeast strain commonly used in beers to impart a sour flavor on beer. In this way, the taste of the beer will not be as dry as some other saisons, but is sacrificed for a long and tasty flavor, Ganoza said.

Gravity signed with Eagle Brands Inc. in Miami to distribute the beer. A distribution list was not readily available, but Ganoza is estimating that 200 slim kegs (1/6 of a barrel) will be delivered to locations around its coverage area, which encompasses Miami-Dade and Monroe counties.

Before the year is done, however, some kegs will be available as a gift to humanity at a handful of locations starting today in the Magic City, more specifically Kush, Lokal, and Tongue & Cheek. MC Kitchen, which has been long supportive of Gravity, should be receiving a keg sometime this week.

"We want to concentrate in places that we know and have existing relationships with," Ganoza said. "Places that want to push local brands."

And Ganoza said that fans will be able to take Sunshine State of Mind home with them by the end of the month, which will be available in six packs of 12-ounce bottles. The beer wasn't brewed with Brett, so bottles of it probably won't age well, he adds.

When the beer officially launches, expect to see it at places like Sunset Corners Fine Wine and Spirits, Stop and Shop and Macchialina.

Ganoza is trying to get a beer tent at the Jupiter Craft Beer Festival, which could get a little taste of Gravity's official brew on January 24. It's one of his favorite festivals, although it is one of the festivals in the area that features only distributed beers.

There is a possible location in Miami-Dade that Ganoza is seeking for brewing operations, but does not want to reveal the spot because real estate negotiations are not finalized. Nevertheless, Ganoza is stoked to get the first beer on the market after all of these years.

"You can work as much as you can and do it for years but you really don't know what it's made of until you put it out there on the market and get feedback," Ganoza said.

In the meantime, check out Gravity's tap handle design, courtesy of Ganoza:

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