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Gotham Steak Offers Most Expensive Meal Ever: $1,954 Dinner for Two

Gotham Steak hopes you like Cristal champagne.

Oh, and caviar, oysters, lobster, and Japanese Wagyu steaks too.

Because earlier this month, the restaurant inside the Fontainebleau debuted its so-called $1,954 dining experience -- a meal for two described on its website as a "one-of-a-kind extravagance of rare and prestigious indulgences."

But maybe you don't fancy Cristal. Well, don't fret! When you're paying nearly $2,000, you always get what you want.

"We can substitute the Cristal with something comparable off our wine list," says Gotham Steak general manager Darragh Moore.

That's not where the hospitality ends. You also receive a glass plaque engraved with the dinner's menu. You score the best table in the house as well.

Then the opulent eating begins. The restaurant delivers a colossal seafood tower with caviar, oysters, stone or Alaskan crab, and steamed local or Maine lobster. After that, you get a 12-ounce steak that costs 30 bucks an ounce. (That's $360 per steak. So chew slowly.) The meal culminates with an artisanal cheese plate and dessert.

When you're all done, a hotel manager swings by and personally escorts you to LIV.

You mean there's actually a way to skip that never-ending line? Why, yes, there is. At the nightclub, the first round of drinks is on the house. And, with that, you're off. You just completed Gotham Steak's indulgent, boozy experience.

So is there any reasoning behind all this excess? "1954 was the original opening of the Fontainebleau," Moore says. "We decided to create a menu to fall into that price point and celebrate the hotel's 60 years. It's a fun menu that carries every single high-end item we serve here at the restaurant."

But has anyone tried it?

Not exactly.

"It'll start to get a little more play as we head into the last quarter and into next year," the manager predicts.

Well, Miamians, here's to hoping your credit card maxes out at $2,500. Because tax and service are not included in the dinner's base price.

Got big pockets? Gotham Steak's $1,954 dining experience is available Wednesday through Sunday. Minimum of two people per dinner.

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