Fried Oreos at Prime Italian

Prime Italian is located on Ocean Drive at First Street in South Beach. Although the menu is similar to its neighbor restaurant,

Prime One Twelve, there are some dishes with tomato sauce and a few more pasta

options. That must be why it's billed as an Italian restaurant and not just another

steak house.

After the meal, we were invited to try to the fried Oreos

($15) from the dessert menu. There were prime steaks, Kobe fillets, and  myriad other meals that were more deserving of the high-end prices. Fried Oreos

seemed like they might be more popular at theme parks or maybe even NASCAR

events. However, they sounded delicious, so we gave them a try.

The five Oreos were battered, fried, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They arrived with a 

​side of warm chocolate sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. The batter wasn't overly sweet, but the chocolate sauce on the side solved that problem. The batter texture, the warm and soft Oreo cookies, and the melted cream filling were enough to illicit comments from the bartenders serving our food. Each one came over to tell us how this dish is one of the best items on the menu.

One bartender said she was on a juice fast while working at the restaurant and the fried Oreos were the one thing that made it tough. Another bartender deemed the dessert "orgasmic." The final bartender to offer her opinion wasn't very original and simply said the fried Oreos were really good. They were right; the fried Oreos lived up to the hype. 

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