Frank Reider is Passionate About South American Wine

Frank Reider says, "People

shouldn't be intimidated by wine. They should come out and try and

learn." His knowledge of the Chilean and Argentinean wines in his book, Wines of

Passion: The Best of South America,

is remarkable. The writing is reminiscent of a tour guide, whose zeal for his work comes naturally,

as he takes you on a tasting through the Andes and across the desert

of Mendoza


once head of corporate lending for Chase Manhattan Bank in Brazil,

began a tourism magazine that combined his skills in journalism with

his love of South America. Then, while he owned and operated

five-star hotels in Brazil, he discovered just how comparable

many South American wines (whose vines have been transported from Europe in the 1850s) were to French, Italian, Spanish, Australian, and


Gol! The Taste of Brazil is Reider's celebrated Brazilian steakhouse in Delray Beach.

His restaurant features many wines from vineyards Frank has

visited. And all of the wines on his nationally

recognized wine list have been tasted by the author.

In conjunction with the recent

publication of his book Wines of Passion: The Best of South

America, Frank has been hosting

wine tastings. 660 at the Angler's hosted the first such tasting/

three-course wine dinner. For $66 per person, each guest received a

signed copy of the book, dinner, wine pairings, and the accessibility

to speak with Frank about the wines.


hopes his guests and readers learn to enthusiastically appreciate

South American wines. He hopes his next project will be blind tastings


participant determine whether wines are from South America or France,

for example. "They're going to be surprised,"

he says.


next wine dinner will be held at Red

The Steakhouse on

September 16. Frank will introduce a new set of Chilean wines.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.