Beacon Hill's Valentine's Day truffles
Beacon Hill's Valentine's Day truffles
Courtesy of Beacon Hill Chocolates

Five Ways to Help Make Valentine's Day in Miami the Most Romantic Ever

Valentine's Day is just a few days away, so it's time to hustle on those dinner reservations and gifts.

Relax and let New Times do the legwork. Whether you want to discover the most romantic restaurant in Miami, find a box of chocolates, or propose like a baller, here's all you need to make this Valentine's Day the best one ever.
The Ten Most Romantic Restaurants in Miami
Dating in Miami can be downright disastrous. But finding the perfect dinner spot to take that special someone once you’ve finally found him or her is not a problem. Miami’s proximity to the coast allows many eateries to take advantage of water views, while others boast sunset skylines, Old-World charm, whimsical touches, and cozy candlelit tables. Unique settings aside, they all share the same winning factors: stellar food, seductive drink menus, authentic ambiance, and exceptional service.

Chocolate hearts.
Chocolate hearts.
Courtesy of Beacon Hill Chocolates

The Five Best Places to Buy Bespoke Chocolates in Miami for Valentine's Day
After New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day tends to sneak up on us. Along with flowers and champagne, chocolate is a traditional way to show your love. Before you buy that heart-shaped box of mass-produced candies at the drugstore, consider a collection of chocolates made with quality cocoa and the finest ingredients.

Five Ways to Help Make Valentine's Day in Miami the Most Romantic Ever
Courtesy of Drinkhouse Fire & Ice

South Beach's Drinkhouse Fire & Ice Offers $10,000 Valentine's Day Package
You've met the one. Now you need to propose. You like the idea of a grand gesture, but your future life partner isn't the type to want to be on the big screen at a hockey game or be called out by a skywriter. Your sweetie is too sophisticated for garish public displays. So your grand gesture needs to also be intimate, elegant, and private. Drinkhouse Fire & Ice might have the solution for you — provided you're prepared for the grand gesture to set you back $10,000.

Courtesy of SuViche

Valentine's Day Miami 2017 Dining Guide
Restaurants are getting ready for masses of romantic couples making reservations to canoodle over dinner and drinks. Not only are there prix-fixe options, but many spots are also offering fun alternatives to the traditional romantic dinner for two. Think wine-and-chocolate pairings and heart-shaped pizzas. Almost every eatery in the area is offering a special menu for the evening, so make your reservations and enjoy.

Steak 954's romantic patio.EXPAND
Steak 954's romantic patio.
Courtesy of Steak 954

Valentine's Day Fort Lauderdale 2017 Dining Guide
Stop, smell (or hand out) the roses, and park differences at the door before enjoying a fine meal while you sip something wonderfully intoxicating with the person you love most. Here are the best restaurant specials in Fort Lauderdale and beyond.

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