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Restaurant Road Trip Across America at These Miami Restaurants

Find the country's most iconic dishes at these Magic City establishments.
Marcus Samuelsson, Derek Fleming, and Michael Simkins deliver soul food to Miami with Red Rooster Overtown.
Marcus Samuelsson, Derek Fleming, and Michael Simkins deliver soul food to Miami with Red Rooster Overtown. Red Rooster Overtown photo
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Changing scenery and national landmarks might be at the top of the list for a road trip, but one of the best parts of trekking across the country might be the different food you'll find along the way.

Luckily for us, you won't need to leave the state — or embark on a cross-country journey — to sample America's best comfort food favorites. If you know where to look, a taste of our nation's best regionally iconic dishes can be found right here in Miami's massive melting pot.

From fried chicken and seafood boils to lobster rolls and beef sandwiches, here's a list of the best road trip-worthy dishes available right here in the Magic City.
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Red Rooster's fried chicken
Red Rooster photo

Atlanta: Fried Yardbird and Grits

Red Rooster
920 NW Second Ave., Miami
If it's Southern-style comfort fare you're craving, look no further than Red Rooster, the Overtown restaurant serving soul food at its finest. Owned and operated by Ethiopian-Swedish chef Marcus Samuelsson, Red Rooster offers the perfect menu of Southern, soul food-inspired classics, including his famous fried chicken. The chicken rests for 12 hours in a peppercorn-, coriander-, and thyme-spiked apple cider vinegar brine before it's soaked in buttermilk and coated in seasoned cornstarch and powdered panko breading. From there, it's pan-fried in oil seasoned with rosemary and garlic and drizzled with hot honey before serving (and best when paired with the chef's jalapeño cornbread slathered in honey butter).
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Broad Shoulders in Fort Lauderdale makes a sublime beef sandwich.
Broad Shoulders Sandwiches photo

Chicago: Beef Sandwich

Broad Shoulders Sandwiches
2822 E. Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale
The next time you're craving a taste of Chicago, look no further than Broad Shoulders Sandwiches in Fort Lauderdale. A trip to Broward County delivers a taste of the Windy City's best sandwiches minus a much longer trip. Named for one of Chicago's many nicknames, the Broad Shoulders menu pays homage to chef/owner Tom Azar's favorite dishes and several iconic offerings the chef learned to perfect while cooking for celebrity chef and restaurateur Emeril Lagasse. That includes his take on the classic Chicago beef sandwich — house-roasted, Italian-seasoned roast beef shaved thin, dipped in the chef's homemade au jus, and paired with house-pickled giardiniera and sweet peppers. All of this is stuffed into a buttered and griddled Italian roll — with the option to gussy it up with melted provolone cheese and Italian sausage.
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The sushi bar at Katana
Photo by Michelle Muslera

Los Angeles: Katana Japanese Restaurant

920 71st St., Miami Beach
We could have suggested avocado toast here, but if it's one city that pioneered the idea of eating fish raw, it's California. One of the best spots to find raw fish in all its glory is this Normandy Isles hidden gem, where the waitlist will make you feel like you're at some LA hotspot. The compact yet energy-fueled restaurant serves up some excellent sushi, best known for its 25-seat circular bar where chefs whip up an array of dishes that pass by customers on boats floating in water. The menu offers classic maki like California rolls, plump gyoza, and more upmarket fare like salmon roe and sea urchin nigiri.
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Crab du Jour offers customers a build-your-own seafood boil.
Crab du Jour photo

New Orleans: Seafood Boil

Crab du Jour Cajun Seafood & Bar
3201 N. Miami Ave. Unit 106, Miami
When it comes to food, the Big Easy is known for many things, among them Cajun-seasoned seafood. Lucky for us, a recent newcomer to the South Florida food scene includes Crab du Jour Cajun Seafood & Bar. Here, customers can build their boil, starting with a list of fresh seafood that can be matched with an array of house-blended sauces (think traditional Cajun but also garlic butter, Old Bay, lemon pepper, or "du jour" which incorporates all the options), customize their desired spice level, and add side items like corn, potatoes, and sausage. Each boil is served in a bag that's shaken and presented tableside.
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This Miami pizzeria has a viral following for its New York-style slices.
Miami Slice photo

New York City: Pepperoni Pizza

Miami Slice
1335 NE Miami Ct., Miami
You aren't celebrating regional cuisine if you aren't searching for a solid New York-style slice, no matter what city you call home. Thankfully, we have Miami Slice, where they serve up a proper slice. If the pepperoni pizza at Miami Slice is good enough for Keith Lee to give it a 10/10, we'd say it's good enough for the Magic City, too.
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The lobster roll from Lazy Oyster
Photo by Nicole Danna

Maine: Lobster Rolls

The Lazy Oyster (at Smorgasburg Miami)
On a road trip dedicated to piling food into our faces, seafood smothered in mayonnaise qualifies as a "must." For Miamians, lobster is most often consumed as the spiny variety. But most of us are also familiar with the cold-water variety of this crustacean — one that's best when served on a warm griddle-seared and buttered roll. That's how you'll get it from the Lazy Oyster, whose meat-stuffed rolls overflow with fat chunks of claw and knuckle meat doused in a hint of mayo, then dusted in paprika and topped with fresh-cut chives. The croissant-like bun is equally appealing: a locally made roll as decadently rich as the lobster it cradles.
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The cheesesteak from Franky's Deli Warehouse
Photo by Nicole Danna

Philadelphia: Cheesesteak

Franky's Deli Warehouse
2596 W. 84th St., Hialeah
A sub shop that promises the "best six inches we've ever had," is one of the best places to find a classic Philadelphia staple: the cheesesteak. There is no scenario where a traveler does one pass through Philadelphia and does not grab a cheesesteak, so we're calling on Franky's to provide us with its taste of Philly. The sandwich is a perfect marriage of melty cheese-smothered, chopped, seared ribeye served between two toasty pieces of bread.
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A platter of Joe's stone crabs
Photo courtesy of Joe's Stone Crab

Seattle: Seafood

Joe's Stone Crab
11 Washington Ave., Miami Beach
Hooking a northern turn from Los Angeles, we've now driven across the continental U.S. as fast as humanly possible, which means we're due for a bit of a taste of home. What better way to remind us that we're still in Miami than to head over to Joe's Stone Crab for a plate of the good stuff? Seattle is known for its seafood and fish, but nobody does it better than Joe's. We'll find any excuse to eat some stone crabs, and they're always in season for this foodie fantasy.
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Apocalypse BBQ Texas-style beef brisket
Photo by Nicole Danna

Texas: Brisket

Apocalypse BBQ
9980 SW 104th St., Miami (Killian Greens Golf Club)
If you love food, you can't imagine driving through Texas — a region dedicated to smoked meats — and not stopping for a taste of the area's most quintessential food: brisket. In the 305, you can find one done with a Miami twist at Apocalypse BBQ, our go-to choice for some of the most tender, mouthwatering brisket around. Here, you'll find it coated in a cafecito coffee rub that's crispy and flavorful, lending a sweet tang to the tender slabs of meat.
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