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Eternity Coffee Roasters' Euphoric Brew: Nitro Coffee Boosts Your Caffeine Rush

Coffee can wake you up, boost your energy, and get you through the day. But with Eternity Coffee Roasters' nitrogen-infused beverage, you can achieve euphoria. 

It's called the Euphoric Brew, named for its signature caffeine experience.

Though it doesn’t contain alcohol, the drink is served from a keg and provides a positive rush that finally makes it acceptable to be buzzed in the morning.

That feeling is the result of more than just the full-bodied, rich flavor. The nitrogen carries caffeine to the bloodstream quicker than traditional brews, providing a subtle carbonation and an energizing effect.

“It’s something people really have to experience to know what the hell it is we’re talking about,” Eternity owner Chris Johnson says.

Coffee lovers and fans of craft brew can taste the signature drink Monday through Saturday in Eternity’s café at 117 SE Second Ave. In about six weeks, it will also be available at LoKal and Kush, as well as Spillover, owner Matt Kuscher’s latest concept, coming soon to Coconut Grove.

Because the beverage is all-natural, there’s no crash-and-burn feeling associated with traditional energy drinks, making it an ideal preworkout or even recovery beverage. 

But pressurizing a keg with nitrogen is no small feat. Johnson’s signature technique took two months of trial and error and weeks of customer workshopping before he was satisfied with the brew. Though he won't reveal his secret process, Johnson says the beverage is created in five-gallon kegs over a period of 24 hours.

Eternity isn’t the only spot creating nitrogen-infused brews, but Johnson says his process achieves a texture similar to a milk stout or a Guinness that’s unlike any other version.

“It creates a silky mouthfeel, and I can drink this a lot faster than I can drink a hot cup of coffee or an espresso; it goes down really easy,” Johnson says. “I’m not sure how anyone else does it. I only know that I had no roadmap to go by, so I just developed it until I liked it, and then I was able to workshop it with my customers until they liked it, and this is what we came up with.”

Though he does have competitors, Johnson calls the market “wide open” and is testing the product in microbiology labs so he can eventually distribute a bottled version of the brew.

The beverage also has a unique visual effect as the nitrogen cascades through the liquid, and a smooth, foamy head gathers at the surface. Johnson says he has found a way to maintain that effect, even in a bottle.
Of course, at the heart of all of Eternity’s products is a quality roast. For the Euphoric Brew, Johnson uses Finca Santa Monica coffee from a Colombian farm. He says the dark chocolate, caramel, and slight citrus notes appeal to a wide range of consumers and are versatile enough to pair well with natural juices if he decides to develop multiple flavor varieties.

This innovative approach to the traditional beverage is just the beginning, he says.

“Typically, it’s either a drip coffee or it’s an espresso, and that’s kind of what people do,” Johnson says. “But I think this kind of idea really shows that we’re not done with ideas for coffee.”
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