Dim Sum and Then Some at Hakkasan

It is futile to compare Hakkasan's dim sum to others around town. First, there aren't that many others. Second, other Chinese joints don't emanate the beauty of Hakkasan, which is as romantic in the daytime as it is at night; during dim sum hours, the Miami sun soothingly filters in as if to cleanse the sultry opium den darkness.

Service here is a noticeable notch or thousand above that at typical neighborhood Chinese places, and Hakkasan's dumplings, turnip cakes, taro croquettes, and pretty much everything else on the currently abbreviated menu is way beyond the competition (manager Alex Conti told us they will add items as time goes on, until it becomes more comparable in size to the London menu of some 40 dishes).

Prices, too, are beyond the competition: Smaller, dumpling-ish plates range $6 to $8, more involved offerings mostly $12 to $16. That's expensive for dim sum, but not for this particular dim sum experience. Or, as Confucius say: You get what you pay for.

Anyway, this is a preview, not a review, so we'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

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