Dairy Queen's New Midnight Truffle Blizzard Treat -- For Valentine's Day?

Dairy Queen's Midnight Truffle Blizzard Treat is coming to Miami on Tuesday, February 1. The MTBT is comprised of chocolate truffle pieces blended with dark cocoa fudge and vanilla soft serve. The Blizzard mix-in was introduced in 1985; in 2003, things were organized into Blizzard-of-the-Month flavors. Past faves include Stawberry CheeseQuake, Turtle Oreo, Brownie Batter, Double Fudge Cookie Dough, and Pure Raw Cake Mix Without Even Any Ice Cream.

Just kidding about that last one. But what's this got to do with Valentine's Day?

"This is the perfect Blizzard Treat to offer during the month of February," says Michael Keller, chief brand officer for DQ, "as it pairs decadent flavors with a little romance to capture our customers' hearts and sweeten their days."

Capture customers' hearts indeed. Dairy Queen initiated the Blizzard Fan Club in 2005 as a means of capitalizing on the big Blizzard buzz. There are currently 2.9 million members. Three years later, the soft serve corporation put up a Facebook page; it now has 2.4 million friends. It bothers me a little that a soft serve ice cream company has approximately 2.4 million more friends than I do.

If your sweetheart wants a really sweet heart for Valentine's Day (just 'round the corner), many of the Blizzard flavors, including Midnight Truffle, can be made into a heart-shaped cake. Of course, if that's all you get your sweetheart for Valentine's Day, you may have to start looking for a new Valentine.

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