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Crumb on Parchment MB Closes, OTC, Eating House to Open, Bourdain Gets a Chocolate Bar

It's Friday and we know you're counting down the hours until you can head out for happy hour, but there's a lot happening in the food world that we want to share with you. We figure we'll break all this intel into bite-sized pieces, easily digestible for the start of the weekend:

Crumb on Parchment,

which opened at the Webster Hotel in late August, has closed. The Miami

Beach outpost of the Design District breakfast and lunch spot, closed

just as the beach is starting to pick up with tourists and snowbirds.

According to Michelle Bernstein's rep, the decision was made to close

the daily operations of the sandwich and baked goods shop, with plans to

do "something more nighttime related in the future."

Eating House,

the restaurant that keeps "popping up" in Coral Gables will open for

good in the next few weeks, with a new partner. Chef Henry Hane is

joining Giorgio Rapicavoli and Alex Cassanova in the permanent venture.

Chef Hane recently returned from a two-year stint at a two-Michelin star

restaurant in Spain. Expect the food to be slightly more sophisticated

at dinner, with many favorite dishes "reworked and refined". Expect

lunch service to begin in the next few months. Brunch service will start

the first Sunday with a Wakin-n-Bacon theme.


(1250 South Miami Avenue) is opening in Brickell November 12. No,

not the stock exchange, a casual restaurant providing "over the counter"

food at moderate prices. The restaurant will feature a rustic

tavern-meets-factory dining room, complete with a bar made from a 2,000

year-old Florida cypress tree. A blackboard invites you to scribble

"What does OTC mean to you?". To us, it means craft draft beer, seared

tuna sliders, and braised short ribs. OTC will be open for dinner daily

from 5 p.m. - midnight, with lunch and late night service to follow.


Bourdain and Eric Ripert's chocolate bar made its debut today. The

"Good and Evil" bar, which retails for $18 (yes, we said eighteen

muther-f**king dollars) is available online from Eclat chocolates. According

to the website, "This is not just a chocolate bar: this is a journey

that starts with the rarest and finest cacao beans being grown today.

Master Chocolatier Christopher Curtin, using some of the world's oldest

working chocolate machinery, has released the inherent flavors of the

Peruvian Pure Nacional beans. Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert, along

for the adventure, have added that extra "Good & Evil." We just know that better be the best chocolate bar of our lives!

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