Chicken Wings, Romanian-style

Hot enough for ya?

Wings’n’Curls, arguably the most beloved and hopping little wing joint in all of Hollywood, has a new menu. They’ve dropped the trans fats from all their dishes and added a shit-ton of new items: buffalo shrimp, sliders, a double-stuffed Philly Cheese Steak, and plenty more. They also tell me that, beginning in September, they’ll be turning Mondays into “ethnic” nights — they’ll do Romanian food one Monday, maybe some Greek food the next, then maybe something Czech. This is damned ambitious for a wings joint and ought to be interesting.

Also interesting: Have you ever had Wings ’n’ Curls’ wings topped with “Mary’s Caribbean Hellfire Sauce?” Me, either. But I do know that the active ingredient comes in a prescription bottle sporting a skull and crossbones motif and that you’re not supposed to get any of the stuff on your skin. The bottle also comes with an eyedropper, and each batch of sauce is supposed to have only a single drop of the stuff added in. If you try the stuff, let us know. (Wings ’n’ Curls is located at 2401 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, and you can reach them at 954-921-4292.)

--Brandon Thorp

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