Borrow A Bartender and Bacardi Deliver Free Mojitos to South Florida

Like free booze? Wanna learn how to make a Bacardi Mojito? Guess what Miami? Bacardi has teamed up with South Florida's own Borrow A Bartender to provide your next party of 40 or more people with 2 hours of free interactive bar service including free Bacardi Superior, Limon, and Raz, sugar, mint, lime and muddler.

Borrow A Bartender shows up to your condo rec room, office building, house, anywhere besides a liquor venue, church or school campus and sets up shop. Two bartenders stock two mojito bars and then teach each of your guests how to make their own Bacardi Mojito.

Founder Joe Sanusz says "There's no catch. It's all free. People think making a mojito is too complicated, I say, no problem, put some mint, put some lime, muddle it, we show you, and ultimately you're the one making it for yourself....we take the fear out of the mojito. Then next time you feel like having one, you go down to the store, buy yourself some Bacardi and do it yourself."

All you have to do is go to YouAreInTheMix.com and enter your birthday information and promo code FUN010012. Then fill out a short survey with your name, phone number, and party details and Bacardi promises to call you within 3 to 5 business days. Short Order just signed up the New Times office so we'll see how quick they get back to us. Promotion ends July 12 so hurry up and sign up now.

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