Compare Delivery Times and Fees With Food Delivery Search Engine Bootler

Those with an appetite have a host of food delivery services at their disposal. Everything from grilled cheese to doughnuts to chilled alcohol can be whisked from restaurant to user across Miami-Dade.

But many eateries have partnered with more than one delivery service, forcing customers to decide which company to use. That is, until now.

Chicago-based Bootler, a food delivery search engine, is now available in Miami. The website aggregates data from food services providers, such as Postmates and EatStreet, to save consumers' time and money. Think of it as the Kayak of food.

To use Bootler, enter an address on the homepage to view a list of restaurants available for delivery. From there, enter a specific venue or choose one by cuisine, price, or rating.

Bootler breaks down delivery fees, order minimums, and estimated delivery waits for each service in real time and shows how the total cost compares at each delivery service if multiple services are available. To complete an order, users click through to their preferred provider.

Similar to travel search engines, Bootler operates as a partner to food delivery companies. Therefore, Bootler must partner with food delivery services for them to appear in a search.

As of now, Bootler is partnered with Delivery.com, Postmates, EatStreet, FoodJunky, and Foodler. Services including UberEats, GrubHub, Eat24, DoorDash, and Delivery Dudes do not yet appear in a search.

In the coming months, Bootler plans to partner with other food delivery services to offer a more comprehensive search for Miami users.

For more information, visit gobootler.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.