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Anthony Bourdain's Crazy Cayman Tweets: "Clearly We Are Fucked"

At first maybe we thought Anthony Bourdain hired a new publicist....or got stronger meds because we haven't heard much "bad boy" stuff coming from the author/television host/chef.

Instead of the usual snark, bile, and teeth, the new year brought a new Bourdain complete with live-tweeting an episode of tween television show iCarly, baking pink cupcakes in an Easy Bake Oven, and sharing a My Pretty Pony moment with the Big Gay Ice Cream guys. Bourdain even went on The Chew and Good Morning America as part of a media campaign to hype his new ABC show, The Taste, which premieres January 22.

Then, just as we thought winged pigs would surely appear in the skies, Bourdain burst out of his magical bubble of love and unleashed the hounds of hell via Twitter.

Bourdain was on his way to the annual Cayman Cookout,

hosted by pal Eric Ripert. The weekend of food and drink at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman has ticket prices ranging from $899 - $2,709, so we could see not wanting to miss one fabulous bite or sip. Only problem?

Bourdain's American Airlines flight was delayed.

For most of us,

a delayed flight means a little cursing to the folks back home. To

Bourdain, it means tweeting his musings on American Airlines to his

1,210,780 followers. Talk about not flying the friendly skies:

You've got to have at least a bit of pity for that gate agent.

We hear you, Tony. We hate it when the booze and barbiturates start to wear off somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic ocean... so does Denzel's character in the movie Flight.

Curse the airport that doesn't have a good restaurant.

Ummm, TMI.

Apparently, Tony arrived safe and sound, because his bad-ass wife Ottavia just tweeted this picture, along with the tag, "Hot or not? @7 Mile Beach"

We think a few cocktails, and everything will be a-OK.

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